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5 hotels in Edinburgh I want to stay at as soon as possible!

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

5 hotels in Edinburgh that I want to stay at as soon as possible!

Hotels in Edinburgh

Right now I can' help to dream about future adventures and hotels in Edinburgh as well as all over the world that I really want to visit as soon as possible! I really enjoy hotel stays that in themselves are an experience.  Be it a staycation or a weekend away, it's always nice to sleep well and in style. At the moment I'm holding off traveling until it feels a bit more sensible and safe. But I'm constantly dreaming and planning future adventures and perhaps it's about time that we treat ourselves to a staycation. A staycation is a brilliant opportunity for a wee treat. Without having to travel far, pay for several nights and the stress of trying to see as much as possible in a limited time. A cosy dinner for two, a change of scenery, a luxurious sleep in a comfy bed...  And some hotel breakfast is sometimes all you need to unwind and get a bit of an experience. Bring a friend, your partner or why not just indulge in some alone time (you deserve it!). I also see it as a chance to treat myself to a hotel experience that might be a little bit more expensive than what I would consider paying for several nights.

Tip: Right now a lot of hotels have better deals to benefit local residents, due to the lack of tourism because of the pandemic so perhaps it's a better time than ever to treat yourself to a staycation!

So let's have a look at the current Top 5 Hotels in Edinburgh on my wishlist!

House of Gods

The newly opened House of Gods is offering a different experience to your standard hotel night. To me it looks like the perfect staycation opportunity. The rooms are inspired by the orient express and the palace of Versailles! And they also have a cocktail bar with a wonderfully exotic 1920's vibe. Included in your stay you also get prosecco, a breakfast hamper and milk & cookies before bedtime. Doesn't that just sound wonderful?!

The ultimate staycation experience and a brilliant addition to the scene of hotels in Edinburgh!

Rooms from: £99/night

Hotels in Edinburgh

The Scotsman Hotel

When it comes to hotels in Edinburgh you can't look past The Scotsman Hotel. This classic building was built in the 1900's and acted as the Edinburgh office for The Scotsman newspaper. It was an ideal location right next to Waverly train station where the newspapers could be distributed easily. The building was renovated in 2001 and now houses The Scotsman Hotel alongside their cinema and café.

Don't you just love the feeling of stepping in to a building with history? Some of my favourite hotels in the world are old post offices, banks or historic buildings. I prefer hotels with a touch of personality, and not just a bed and a bathroom. If I'm staying at a hotel I want a memorable experience - especially if it's a staycation. Which is why The Scotsman Hotel really intrigues me.

Rooms from: £145

Also: check out my cinema + afternoon tea experience at The Scotsman Picture House & The Grand Café

Hotels in Edinburgh
Hotels in Edinburgh

The Bonham

I walk past The Bonham on my morning walk and it looks wonderfully stylish and decadent. It also hosts a restaurant and an art collection as well as a bar and has been through a interesting history since the mid 1900's. Firstly housing three separate townhouses to later become a medical practice specialising on maternity care and finally as residences for university students that came to study from outside the city, before finally becoming one of the first boutique hotels in Edinburgh.

I must admit I'm a bit weak towards boutique hotels, and of course also weak for a building with history and wonderful details - it just adds to the hotel experience. And the bar looks stunning a swell! I need to get better at perhaps considering various hotels in Edinburgh when going for a drink or a coffee.

Nonetheless, this certainly would be a bit of a classier staycation.

Rooms from: £110/night

Hotels in Edinburgh


A boutique-y, modern and fresh hotel in the middle of Edinburgh. Tigerlily also has a wonderful cocktail bar and restaurant on George Street, which might be the most instagrammable place in Edinburgh. Don't let that fool you though - it's not just great for photos, more importantly the flavours are also bang on. I do however admire a place that managed do their marketing to this degree and I'm always curious to see what they're doing next!

A young and modern place for a stay, food and/or drinks owned by the Montpelier Group which also has several businesses with the same forwards thinking feel as Tigerlily. Perhaps another excellent alternative for a staycation where you can have dinner, drinks and sleep in the same building.

Rooms from: £115/night

Tip: I highly recommend getting a Talisker Whisky Sour at the bar - it's really lovely if you like sours with a touch of a coastal influence!

Hotels in Edinburgh

Malmaison Edinburgh City

Also one of the more recent additions to the list of hotels in Edinburgh with a great location. On St Andrew's Square with George Street and Princes Street pretty mucho your doorstep. Sometimes I find that hotels in here the UK feel a bit run down and not very stylish or clean. Which is why the idea of a newly opened hotel that looks fresh feels very appealing to me. I've never stayed at any of the Malmaison chain hotels before so maybe it's about time that I give it a go.

Rooms from: £75/night

Hotels in Edinburgh

Bonus: Fingal

I couldn't resist also mentioning the floating hotel Fingal.

Are you looking for a bit of a quirkier and luxurious stay? Something very different to the hotels in Edinburgh. Maybe slightly further away from the city centre?  Then check out Fingal.

Fingal is a ship that was commissioned in 1963 by the Northern Lighthouse Board. It was then stationed in Oban for 30 years followed by Stromness for 6 years before being retired in 2000. Now she lives in Leith, Edinburgh and acts as a restaurant and hotel for curious and stylish travellers. For someone who dreams about living on a boat this seems like an absolute dream of a staycation. They also have a bar and do afternoon tea.

Rooms from: £200/night

Hotels in Edinburgh

Also, check out my guide Top 10 things to do in Edinburgh on your first visit!

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There's almost too many hotels in Edinburgh that I would love to visit. And whenever I do I'll of course make sure to document and blog about them here for you!

Have you already stayed at any of these hotels in Edinburgh? Were they worth the visit or do you have another recommendation for me?

And which of these would you rather see a review of first?

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Hotels in Edinburgh

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