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A visit to Mallorca in November

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I can't believe it's taken me this long to sit down and write a little guide to Mallorca after my first trip to the island last year in November... To be fair I've also rewritten this blog post about five times as well without being completely happy with it, but finally here we are!

When I decided to go to Mallorca with my best friend we first discussed various countries and places and finally it was flight times and prices that got us settled to Mallorca. I spent a lot of time worrying about the weather - would it still be warm in the end of October/beginning of November as I desperately longed to be able to swim outdoors (Edinburgh is not the best city for that unfortunately...) but it turned out I'd been worrying for nothing - except for a few sudden rainfalls and a few cooler gusts of winds it was warm enough to be outside in the sun in our swim suits and also to swim in both the pool and the sea and it was definitely a lot quieter than high season!

Pros of traveling to Mallorca in the beginning of November:

Much quieter than high season. We didn't have to rush to get sun chairs or bookings at restaurants which was very nice.

Cons of traveling to Mallorca in the beginning of November:

Almost too quiet as some different places had closed down for the season, like restaurants, beach clubs and other activities.

Here's the top 5 things we did during our trip:

1. Our visit to the vineyards. Such a lovely experience and it felt really genuine. The food and wines were also really good!

2. Swim in the ocean - I can't tell you how much I constantly long to be able to swim outdoors...

3. Our balcony chats alongside some local cheeses and charcuteries with bottles of cava. And being able to have breakfast outdoors everyday with a stunning view of the ocean!

4. It might a clichè by now but the food at La Perla was really enjoyable - some lovely pasta and good atmosphere!

5. Shopping in Palma - just strolling along the streets and stopping wherever we felt like it.

We stayed at the Barcelo Albatroz Illetes located about a 30min bus ride from central Mallorca. It was so easy to get here from the airport as well as you just have one stop and the buses stop at the same stations.

I really enjoyed staying here as it felt more calm and nice to not be in the centre of things. The breakfast was also nice with lots of different options and you could even get Cava if you felt like it.

The breakfast view wasn't bad either and we had no problem getting a table outdoors on the balcony most days.

One of the things I definitely think you should do when you're anywhere is to buy some local drinks and foods and just chill (preferably outdoors or on a balcony if you have one). We got some Cava, local charcuteries and cheese which was the perfect snack.

Maybe get a face mask as well to hydrate after the flight but primarily just enjoy some catching up with friends. As I mentioned I traveled with one of my best friends, but since we live in different countries this holiday was the perfect time to catch up on everything we have missed the last few months.

Bubbles with a view.

Cheese & orange marmalade is just lovely.

There's something so lovely about just staring out over an seemingly endless ocean.

White sangria and peanuts was our go-to poolside drink & snack.

I'm always so happy whenever I get to be in water. Even though it was November the water was comfortably cool and nice. And when it started to rain we just either went for lunch covered by a roof or down to the spa area.

Even managed to get a sunburn - definitely underestimated the sun in November...

We of course also took the bus in to Palma to explore the city. Had some gelato, did some shopping (actually got my winter jacket here, haha) and enjoyed some nice food and drinks.

One of the days we visited Bar Abaco which I'd found on some Mallorca guide blogs. It's kind of a hidden bar near the palace and they have a fairly big cocktail menu if you want something a bit different- There's also lots of little singing birds in this courtyard. It was very quiet however so would've maybe been slightly more enjoyable if there were more people around since the atmosphere was similar to that in a library.

I had a lovely banana daiquiri-esque drink.

After busy days in Palma we returned to the hotel and either took a 30min walk to La Perla for dinner or walked the opposite direction and had dinner on a pier close by.

The only thing that kind of didn't go to plan is that I had asked the hotel before we arrived if it was possible to buy an all inclusive package for a day only, which they said was no problem but when we went to buy it they suddenly said it was only possible to buy for the entire duration of the stay. I'd also asked about SUPs and kayaks which they said they had at the hotel but when we also asked about that they showed us a brochure to a rental place at a nearby beach so I'm not sure if that was a miscommunication due to a language barrier or if they had different rules for low and high season but it was very windy for our last few days anyways so we wouldn't have been able to go out anyways.

The hotel also has a private beach where you can go in to the sea, or if you prefer theres a ladder further out as well.

Practical bus information:

Bus from Airport to Palma No 1 (€5) + No 3 till Illetas (€1.50).

As a bonus we also discovered there was a Swedish supermarket five minutes from the hotel which was a pleasant surprise for me who hadn't had Marabou in ages!

Next time I'm here I'd love to explore the island more and maybe take a ferry over to the other surrounding islands, do some SUP or go on the Sunset Boat trip with Mallorca Wine Experience.


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