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Launch of Johnnie Walker Blue Label x Timorous Beasties

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

Launch of Johnnie Walker Blue Label x Timorous Beasties

Launch of Johnnie Walker Blue Label x Timorous Beasties

A lovely autumn evening the other week I was lucky enough to be invited to a dinner and tasting with Johnnie Walker to learn more about their collaboration between their Johnnie Walker Blue Label and design studio Timorous Beasties.

We got invited in to have a look at their creative studio and hear all about how their company started, how they work with designs and the stunning hand printed fabrics.

During the evening we got tro try a few different whisky cocktails so as a welcome drink we got a Johnnie Walker Blue Label highball with peach which was very refreshing. For dinner we also got cocktails to pair with the food and it was really lovely trying the different drinks with the different courses. So many interesting flavour combinations!

The set up for the dinner was in a "shed" (the prettiest shed I've ever seen) next to the studio with this lovely setup in the midst of all the beautiful fabrics hanging down from the ceiling and across the walls.

I can't help but to be impressed by these Johnnie Walker branded super clear ice cubes that were presented in this drink. They were also kind enough to show us the stamp with which they make them and explained how the metal contact melts the ice and leaves the striding man mark, when we asked how they were made. I kind of want one at home...

The food was really good, especially these tartlets with fermented garlic and cheese. Two of my favourite flavours in combination. The 6 course dinner also included courses with tender mallard, winter chanterelles and smoked haddock. The most interesting thing was trying the sourdough bread with peated butter - definitely a first. The chef had also got in contact with Glenkinchie distillery to incorporate some of their barley in to some of the courses.

After dinner it was time for a tasting and we got to have a look at the stunning new limited edition Johnnie Walker Blue Label bottle.

The design is inspired by the four corners of Scotland and is showcasing elements such as aurora borealis, the majestic white-tailed eagle and the Small Blue - Scotlands smallest butterfly along with flowers and mountain scenery.

Isn't she stunning?!

Nigel Robertson took us through the tasting where he presented Johnnie Walker Blue Label and explained the rare quality of the malts that go in to this luxury blend.

It was a really lovely evening of learning more about the brand and the collaboration whilst meeting some interesting new people and enjoying some delicious food and cocktails. However when the tasting was presented we were all surprised when each person got presented with a Johnnie Walker Blue Label box in front of their seat. When we opened the box we found out we all got our very own bottle, engraved with our names that we could take home.

This will certainly be a bottle I'll keep unopened until a special occasion!

- Thank you to Johnnie Walker for the invitation -

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