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Make your own Tepache Whisky Highball

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The mastermind behind this refreshing and delicious drink that I'm writing about today is my former colleague and friend Tam (@drams.with.tam / @wemyss_tam) who now works with Wemyss Malts.

He is also the person who gave me some of his Kombucha so I could grow my own SCOBY and get started with that so when he messaged me and told me about this lovely drink I just had to try it - and you can to, it's so easy!

For the Tepache you'll need:

- a glass jar of a good size (I actually used an old instant coffee jar since the jar I usually use currently is holding my home made granola...)

- brown sugar

- water

- spices (cinnamon sticks, whole cloves, fresh ginger or whatever you feel like trying)

- glass bottles (but you can avoid bottling and keep it in your jar as well if you don't have bottles)

- one whole pineapple

For drink:

- Tepache

- Ice

- Whisky (I used Wemyss The Hive because it has such lovely honey notes)

- Glasses of your own choosing

If you want the Tepache by Friday I would start on Monday, or even Sunday.

Day 1

Step 1: Put brown sugar in your jar (Tam recommended about 1 cup)

Step 2: I put my kettle on and put boiling water in with the brown sugar to dissolve it, but this is not necessary.

Step 3: If you have hot water in your jar, let it cool before adding your pineapple. You don't want to kill off the bacteria. Cut your pineapple in peaces, remove the core but keep the skins. The skins has lovely natural bacterias that you need for the fermentation.

Step 4: Cut your ginger in to rough pieces and leave the skin on if you are using ginger. Put your chosen spices in the jar as well. I used 1 cinnamon sticks, 5 cloves and some ginger.

Step 5: Close your jar. If it has the gummy seal it can be good to remove it so a little air can get in, but if it's not tight enough then you won't get as much carbonation.

Day 2

Make sure to burp your Tepache so it doesn't explode. You do this by basically opening up the jar to release the pressure. There will be pressure building up within your jar when the bacteria feeds on the sugars, which is good cause that means the fermentation is happening and that it will naturally carbonate your drink.

Day 3

If you have glass bottles, this is the day to bottle your Tepache, if not then just leave it in the jar. You can test it the following days to see if the sugar content is good - this is just up to personal preference. If you bottle keep it in the fridge to slow down the process and minimise the risk of too much pressure = explosion. I have traditional old bottles as you can see on the photo and I never close the seal properly but just put the plug down and leave it so that it can pop out if there's too much pressure. Do be careful so there's no explosions !

Day 4

Make sure to keep burping your Tepache.

Day 5 or 6 (Friday?)

It's ready! Time to get your glasses, fill them with ice + enough whisky to suit your taste and top up with Tepache! Enjoy!


If you want to reuse your pineapple pieces and spices (or perhaps use the pineapple and throw in some new spices, you can just save a little bit of tepache and mix it with water and brown sugar to start a new batch instead of throwing everything away straight away.

Do let me know your thoughts if you try this - and of course if there's any questions!



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