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My Top 5 Summer Whiskies

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Summer is here, even though Scotland is being it charming old self and varying heavy rainfall with tropical heat every other day, and it's time to pick out those summery favourites to cool down or warm up during the summer days and nights.

Here are my current favourite picks! ☀️

Boutique-y Whisky Company "World Whisky Blend" - (available here: MoM £32.95)

A refreshing whisky which is wonderful on its own or of course as a highball. This summer I'm discovering different kinds of highballs - from the classic Mizuwari, served really cold, to a Taisho, my current favourite, an elderflower highball!

Starward Nova - (available here: MoM £49.95 or TWE £50.75)

With food, without food, alongside a bbq, at a picnic, in the shade, in the sun - this Australian burst of fruits is one of the whiskies that have surprised me this year. Yum!

Teeling Small Batch - (available here: MoM £34.95 or TWE £33.75)

A great combination of sweetness from the Central American rum casks alongside a wonderful Irish whiskey blend - wonderful as a poolside whisky or alongside an afternoon "fika"!

Brenne - (available here: MoM £55.95 or TWE £55.75)

Foam bananas in a glass - how fun and such a lovely fruity treat in the sun!

Kilchoman 100% Islay - (available here: MoM £71.95)

This whisky is exactly what I want a peated ex-bourbon cask whisky to be! Juicy, smoky and absolutely delicious! Perfect for a bbq, for conversations in the late summer evening or as a celebration that it's vacation time!

What's your favourite summer dram?

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