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November in Sainte Foy, France

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

November in Sainte Foy, France

November in Sainte Foy, France

A few weeks ago I traveled out to Sainte Foy in the French alps. It was a trip with my new work to check out the resort before high season started.

Sainte Foy is located in the Tarentaise valley in France and within a 30min drive to the larger ski resorts of Val D'Isere, Tignes and Les Arcs. About a 3 hour drive from Geneva Airport.

We stayed in the beautiful chalet La Marquise and were lucky enough to get a beautiful snow fall upon arrival which covered the mountain view in beautiful white snow.

Dry Mountain Air = Dry Skin

I have a new favourite arrival tradition where I bring some of these under eye masks which are perfect for when you've cleaned all the travel dust off and just need something that will freshen the skin up a bit. My skin gets so dry, especially after flying and I could feel the dry mountain air as soon as we arrived in Sainte Foy.

In between seasons the Sainte Foy resort is definitely quiet. Basically nothing was open this time of year, but it was quiet and nice. Very calm and relaxing to kind of have the resort to yourself. And it will be exciting when we come back in January to see it all when it has come alive again.

In the evenings we spent some time in the hot tubs on the balcony before dinner which was absolutely amazing! A glass of cold white wine in hand, the crisp mountain air and this beautiful view - do you need anything else in life?

Sunny Sainte Foy

It was very cold even though the sun was out but I slept with a window open since I absolutely love sleeping when the air is slightly colder than room temperature.

I also had my breakfast outside, wearing my warm puffer jacket and wrapping myself in a blanket - but so worth it to sit outside.

Some early morning ballet barre. Who needs a dance studio?

One one of our last days we decided to walk up to the first ski lift station and were treated to this lovely weather.

It was weird walking up through the pistes in crispy snow but so lovely to get up, see the views and get to play a bit in the snow.

Next time I'm hear these Sainte Foy lifts will be moving!

Snow always makes me feel a little happy.

Hot tubs, snow and fireplaces - all things you need to feel relaxed and happy.

Have you ever been to Sainte Foy?

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