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Sipful Review

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When Sipful reached out and asked if I wanted to join their ambassador program I was immediately intrigued by the company and its story. Started by husband and wife, Darius and Emily, a couple that loved visiting festivals but who saw a gap in the market for a canned alternative that wouldn't cause the dreaded beer bloat tummy and also saw an opportunity to focus on natural flavours and sustainability. They found an organic Spanish wine that they would use as a base for their cocktails and are currently offering a Orange Mimosa, Blood Orange Mimosa and a Peach Bellini as well as their bubbly white wine in a can of its own.

They also try to limited the use of glass and plastic in the production and use 100% natural flavours!

I've often found it difficult to find options that isn't beer or cider, or something full of artificial flavours and sweeteners so to be able to try premium canned cocktails from a new UK company with an interesting story and focus was of course something that sounded almost to good to be true!

"I few years back I worked in the Alps as a tour guide for a Scandinavian company and on Wednesdays we would host bus trips down to Venice for the day. On one of those days I decided to have a Bellini with my lovely pasta lunch and haven't had a Bellini outside of Venice since those days. So I was a little bit extra curious about the canned Bellini - and I wasn't disappointed. Fresh and sweet with a taste that reminds me so much of Haribo Peach candies - it brought back such lovely sunny flavour memories from the floating city."

Organic Bubbles:

Light with soft bubbles and lemon & gooseberry characteristics. Good canvas for blending with fruit juices and pleasant on its own if you want something light and welcoming, perhaps with a picnic on a hot summers day.

Orange Mimosa:

Like freshly pressed orange juice - warming sunripe flavours and a dense sweetness. Probably an absolutely perfect companion to a waffle brunch!

Blood Orange Mimosa:

Probably the freshest flavour of them all. Slightly more sour, almost with that sweet meets sour pink grapefruit note - a lovely drink for those who prefers something less sweet!

Peach Bellini:

Like Haribo Peach candies - sweet and fresh. I just want a lovely creamy pasta dish alongside a Bellini with lots of ice. Just like Venice...

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