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So finally I've gotten everything going for my tastings. So excited to be putting my first whisky fika event live!

The idea is to offer a friendly approach to tastings where everyone is welcome (over 18yo of course with the spirit tastings) where I will be focusing on storytelling and quirky facts. At the moment I am offering a few different set options for private groups of 2-10 people but will also host public tastings now and then with different themes.

For private tastings you can choose between focusing on learning about only scotch whisky, international whiskies, Swedish whiskies or whisky pairings with chocolate, cheese or Swedish fika. More information here.

My first public event will be the Whisky fika: Christmas edition!

Fika -[fee-kah]:

is a concept in Swedish culture meaning (n.) a moment to slow down and appreciate the good things in life. "Coffee with friends"

However in this tasting the hot beverages (except for the mulled wine on arrival) will be exchanged for drams and then paired with some delicious treats. You'lI get to learn more about how Christmas is celebrated in Sweden as well as the history behind some of the freshly baked goods we will be enjoying. We'll also go through the reasoning behind the pairings and what to keep in mind when experimenting with food paired with spirits.

This tasting will focus on being friendly, quirky and educational and the drams will of course be introduced along with some storytelling, production information and fun facts.


- mulled wine or soft drink upon arrival

- 4 drams paired with 4 fika items

- wee christmas gift

- tutored tasting

£22pp + booking fee

*OBS: until I learn how to bake gluten free things that doesn't taste like cardboard, this tasting will unfortunately contain gluten. Everything will be lactose free however.

Please remember to bring a form of ID just in case. This event contains elements of tasting spirits and is strictly for +18.

I hope to see you there and I think it will be a really fun event with food whisky, fika and a lovely Christmas atmosphere.

If you have any questions or enquiries feel free to send me an email, even if it's just for advice on what to do in Edinburgh, whisky recommendations or Sweden advice - I'm always happy to help!



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