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Tip: an Islay WhiskyCo Tasting or a Boutique-y Rum Tasting?

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Another month has started and it seems that it will be another busy one, even though I'm still furloughed, but it also seems that my full time job might start up soon as well so trying to prepare a few things to not be overwhelmed when my workload increases.

One of the things I'm currently most excited about is trying these two tasting sets, sent to me by the wonderful team at Atom brands! The Islay Whisky Co set is available here * for £29.99 and the Boutique-y Rum set is available here for £54.95.

The Islay Whisky Co is a tasting set with a QR code which gives you access to a tasting by Sam Simmons, aka Dr Whisky so you can watch it whenever it suits you. A great idea instead of having to sit down on a specific day and at a specific time if you have a busy schedule.

The set contains 2 samples of Aerolite Lyndsey - a wonderful Islay expression and the name is an anagram of "ten year old Islay" as a quirky way to tell you what you're drinking. Perfect if you'd like to keep one for yourself and share one with a friend.

But that's not all!

You'll also find a 33 year old sample from Fiona Macleod , a 25 year old Grace Ile and the Green Il - all of course from The Character of Islay Whisky Company.

The rum set is instead a live tasting on World Rum Day 10th July where you get three 20cl rums to try along.

It's one rum from Belize, one from Madeira in Portugal and one from Guyana - and they're made from different way of distilling: pot still and column still where one is unaged and the others are 10 and 13 years old.

I think this will be fascinating tasting where I'll learn more about the differences and similarities in rum and how the compare to whisky!

I will of course be sampling these this weekend and put up a YouTube video ASAP, so if you have the pack feel free to also sip along to that as well!



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