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A visit to The Brunch Club, Edinburgh

A visit to The Brunch Club, Edinburgh

Edinburgh The Brunch Club

A visit to The Brunch Club, Edinburgh

I just love a good brunch! At the moment when travel isn't possible it's also a great way to explore new places in your own surroundings! I've been walking past The Brunch Club for ages but never tried it out. So thought it was about time!

Good to know

Is it affordable?

I thought so, but I also keep comparing all prices here in the UK to London... You can find their menu online, but a coffee/tea costs approximately £2-3, smoothies are £5 and the food items vary between £5-10 per item.

What kind of foods is on the menu?

A good variety if you ask me. Things like hot drinks, soft drinks, rolls, toast, granola, poke bowls, full breakfast, waffles, pancakes, fish tacos.

Do I need to book in advance?

No, but I would recommend doing so, especially on weekends, as it's aways difficult to predict how full it will be.

Do they serve vegan or vegetarian options?

Yes! There's both options for a full vegetarian or vegan breakfast! As well as other alternatives as well such as smoothies with almond milk and poke bowls with roasted cauliflower which sounds delicious!

Opening times?

Mon-Sun [9am - 6pm]


The Brunch Club is located in the West End of Edinburgh - just a few minutes walk from Princes Street. Our friend Nicola got slightly lost trying to find it, since it is located downstairs below ground level. Google Maps isn't necessarily your friend in this case as the entrance is located on Randolph Place/Drumsheugh Place and not Melville Street!

The Venue

The Brunch Club in Edinburgh is located downstairs in a cosy venue with a mix of flower, rustic details and wooden furniture. A relaxed atmosphere with warm lighting.

This corner below is just to the right of the door when you step in to The Brunch Club - a perfect little spot for a coffee or two?

Or if you want to get comfy then perhaps the sofas would suit you better?

Our table was the one you can see furthest to the left in the photo below.

The Food

I always have such a tricky time when I try to choose food. Especially in places like The Brunch Club when you haven't been there before and everything on the menu seems lovely. I ended up choosing a green smoothie with avocado, mint, apple, spinach and ginger. Which went well together with my chicken and waffles and a latte. I did not leave hungry, let me tell you!

I'm not the biggest fan of American waffles - they're slightly too thick and fluffy for my taste. I much prefer Swedish waffles that are thinner, crispier and more like toast in its consistency. If you like American waffles however I don't think you'd be disappointed with these ones. The chicken was absolutely delicious! Crispy and with a good flavour to them. I'd probably consider JUST ordering the chicken the next time. It came with hoisin sauce, spring onion and chilli but I ordered without the chilli.

The smoothie was so velvet-y and yummy - I'd definitely recommend that one!

The Price & The Service

Green Machine Smoothie £5

Fried Chicken & Waffles £9

Latte £2.80

Tap Water £0

Total: £16.80

I thought the prices at The Brunch Club was reasonable. No the most affordable but not particularly over the top expensive either. I'd happily come back and spend my money here.

The service was good and quick. They came around to ask if we wanted anything else with good frequency and we also got the bill as soon as we asked for it. The only thing that I thought of is that the service almost were too quick and I almost felt a little bit stressed that we couldn't just sit and relax a bit after our meal. Maybe I'm just a slow eater...

What did my brunch company Nicola & Cody think?


"I thought it was very tasty and good size portions for good prices. I'll be heading back to the The Brunch Club again soon with other brunch loving friends!"


"Chicken for breakfast is always good."

Next Time

Next time I visit The Brunch Club I really want to try the Croque Madame or the Granola Bowl! They also had something called the "Hebredian" which sounded intriguing. It is sourdough toast with Stornaway black pudding, poached eggs and hollandaise sauce. Yum!


A really lovely start to the day and I would definitely consider revisiting The Brunch Club here in Edinburgh. Slightly too quick service which made me feel slightly stressed after finishing the meal, but the food was great and it had a lovely atmosphere.

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