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Whisk(e)y of the Month: August !

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Starting a new series of blog posts where I thought it could be fun to lift one whisky, and perhaps some honourable mentions, of what my favourite whisky of the last month has been. I'm of course so grateful to be in a position where I'm able to try quite a few different whiskies every month and I get a lot of questions asking for my favourite, but since my taste keeps changing depending on my mood, and of course the season, I'll let you know which flavour experience that has stood out the most during the month!

August Whisk(e)y of the Month

Always such a tough choice but this month I've chosen...

Filey Bay: Second Release, Moscatel Finish, STR Finish & Yorkshire Day 2020 !


Maybe I'm cheating choosing four whiskies at the same time - but being able to try these four next to each other was truly a lovely experience this month. My favourite expression stands between the Second Release and the STR, but if I absolutely had to only choose one then I would choose the STR, mainly because it's a fascinating cask type.

Second release: lighter, sweet, mysterious, lemon meringue pie

Moscatel Finish: tropical airy rainbow with nectarine and orange peel

STR Finish: heavier, charred berries, ice-cream

Yorkshire Day 2020: deep px sherry notes alongside a char-y edge

I have however also had a few other lovely expressions so I have to give a few

honourable mentions here as well:

Braes of Glenlivet 25


One of the more special samples I tried this month and for me the Braes of Glenlivet 25 stood out because it had such wonderful juicy 1st fill ex-bourbon flavours - golden and lush! The Longmorn was also lovely and made me describe it as a fairytale berry forest.

That Boutique-y Whisky Company Langatun 6yo


This whisky was the first ever Swiss one I've ever tried and it came from a gifted sample set of the new International whiskies from that Boutique-y Whisky Company.

Cherry bake wells, leather, "sockerkaka", bonfire smoke edge.

American Eagle 4 year old


I was very surprised my this mellow and yummy Tennessee whiskey. Easy going with lovely orange, cinnamon bun, peanut and charred soft tannin notes.

Can imagine this being great for someone moving from scotch to bourbon or someone wanting to discover the world of whisky and want a yummy but gentle welcoming.

Ben Nevis 12yo White Port Single Cask

Rich and absolutely stunning. Well refined and a juicy berry note that only a good single cask seems to be able to give. Fascinating with the white port pipe maturation as well. Thanks Kev for letting me try it!

Wolfburn Langskip


The Summerton Club August Release was very different to what I expected. I feel like the theme of the month is "juicy" but this also had the 1st fill ex-bourbon influence. Almonds, apricot, gingerbread spice, oak, lilacs and elderflower.

I wish I could write more reviews here as well, but I just don't have enough time and I think YouTube and Instagram suit me better as channels for more creative reviews and my blog will more be a place for articles and other posts.

What's your favourite sip of the month?

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