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Whisk(e)y of the Month: September !

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Time to have a look at the past month and choose which flavour experience that will be the Whisk(e)y of the Month!

I of course get the wonderful opportunity to try quite a few different whiskies every month and even though I often have a lot of pleasant flavour experience - there's always a few that stand out a little bit more so those are the ones I'll share here!

September's Whisky of the Month is...

NcNean Ainnir!

This month it just had to be Ainnir! It's the brand new release from NcNean distillery and even though I had high hopes it managed to live up to my expectations. Fresh and autumn-y with blackberry tart and cinnamon notes. Will be so exciting to see what the distillery will be doing in the future. I'm also this month getting a sample of the NcNean batch 1 release through my Whisky Me subscriptions so there will be a comparison video between the two releases coming soon!

I have however also had a few other lovely expressions so I have to give a few

honourable mentions here as well:

Glenfiddich 15 Distillery Edition

Travel Retail

I tried this Glenfiddich for the first time at Edinburgh Airport and really enjoyed the flavour which sat really nicely at 51%. Fruity and crisp - so I couldn't resist getting a bottle as a gift for Cody. And so happy to find I had the exact same experience when we opened the bottle recently. Will definitely be enjoying this over the coming months.

Cutty Sark Prohibition

TWE £23.25/MoM £23.14

This is one of those whiskies that are so affordable and really yummy. Like toffee in a bottle - this blended whisky which sits at 50% and has a sherry influence is available for under £25! Might be our new "house whisky".

Deanston Hand-filled Ex-Amontillado Sherry Butt

This Deanston was sent to me as a very kind gift (thank you!) and I really enjoyed trying this ex-amontillado cask influenced dram which was nutty and different to what you might expect from your typical oloroso or px!

What's your whisky of the month?

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