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Whisk(e)y gift ideas!

Looking for something last minute for Father's Day or just in general for the whisky enthusiast in your life? Look no further - I've compiled some gift ideas right here for you!

I created a sort of pick'n'mix of things for my boyfriends birthday last year consisting of whisky glasses, samples, armagnac and various fun things that I put in a vintage suitcase which suited the theme so there's lots of fun ideas for whisky enthusiasts - and it doesn't even have to be whisk(e)y.

This blog post contains affiliate links, and I would of course be so so happy if you would consider using my links if you're planning on buying any whisky from Master of Malt (MoM) or The Whisky Exchange (TWE) - it really helps me to build my small business and develop entertaining and educational content further! The links can be used for any purchases and at any time, not just the listed items below.

I've split the gift ideas in to two categories - actual whisky and also stuff that might be whisky related like glassware, books and other items.


- Bushmills 10 (MoM or TWE) - for the person who already has all the Scotch - Fruity, light and wonderful from the world's oldest licensed distillery! Change up the palate with some lovely Irish Single Malt (and it's very affordable too!)

- Brenne French Single Malt (MoM) - for the quirky person who loves foam bananas - I can't drink Brenne and not think of foam bananas - it's a weird and wonderful one!

- Michter's Unblended American Whiskey (MoM or TWE) - for the bourbon fan who wants something different - This is a whiskey made in almost the same way as a bourbon, but where the whiskey has been matured on ex-bourbon casks instead of virgin oak which means it's technically not a bourbon, still very rich in it's flavours.

- That Boutique-y World Blend (MoM) - for the highball aficionado - A lovely whisky which is a blend of an amazing bunch of world whiskies, which is a fascinating dram to have neat and also so tasty with tonic or in a highball!

- Mackmyra Intelligens (MoM or TWE) - for the tech savvy - The first whisky in the world to have been created by AI! The Artificial Intelligence took a lot of information about previous expressions and recipes and gave Chief Nose Officer Angela D'Orazio a bunch of curious whisky recipes to choose from, and this is the result...

- Hibiki Harmony (MoM or TWE) - for the person who appreciates a beautiful bottle design - With it's stunning bottle design, the Hibiki is bound to look beautiful and impressive on any shelf - and the contents are of course intriguing as well with whisky from two different Japanese distilleries blended together and matured on various cask types!

- Highland Park Twisted Tattoo (MoM or TWE) - for the red wine drinker - a wonderful expression matured on Rioja red wine casks which gives deep notes of red fruits alongside that classic honeyd viking pride.

- Aerolite Lyndsay (MoM) - for the smoky whisky enthusiast - Aeorlite Lyndsay is an anagram for "ten year old Islay" and it's a beautiful one at that full of flavour and wonderful bonfire smoke!

- The Glenlivet 1st fill Nadurra (MoM or TWE) - for the person who can handle a higher abv - This juicy, punchy cask strength Glenlivet from 1st fill ex-bourbon casks is a beauty of a whisky and an explosion of flavour!

- Jameson Caskmates Stout (MoM or TWE)- for the beer drinker - Easy going, stout matured Irish whiskey for every occasion!

- Berry Bros. Sherry Cask (MoM or TWE) - for the sherry lover - A wonderful blended malt that has a real elegance and also those rich sherry flavours!

- Holyrood Spirit Merchants Sweet Single Grain (MoM) - for the person with a sweet tooth - A sweet wonderful grain whisky matured on STR alligator casks where the charring has caused markings on the inside of the cask that resembles alligator scales...

Whisky Stuff

- Luigi Bormioli Glasses (TWE) - for the person who needs a good all around sophisitacted tatsing glass - These glasses are my personal favourites! They have an elegant stem that is long enough for it to balance well and feel sophisticated without being too fancy or too long as well as a bowl that allows for all the nosing in the world - and the tasting of course as well!

- The Whiskies of Scotland Jigsaw Puzzle (MoM or TWE) - for the person with a patient mind -

- The Way of Whisky - A Journey Around Japanese Whisky (TWE)- for the person with a fascination for history or/and Japanese culture and whisky -

- 1920's Professional Blenders Whisky Glass (TWE)- for the fancy spirits connoisseur - A fancy glass designed for really nosing your whisky which a connoisseur can sit with for hours picking up one precise tasting note after the other...

- Brown Leather Hip Flask With Engraving Plate & 4 Cups (TWE) - for the adventurer who wants a drink on the go - a beautiful hip flask where you have the possibility to engrave the name, a motto or life advice for the lucky receiver.

Have I missed any good gift recommendations? Please let me know in the comments!



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