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Moa is a quirky, adventurous and knowledge thirsty Swede who ended up living in Edinburgh after falling in love with Auld Reekie, a scotsman and whisky.

After working with whisky tastings and undertaking several drinks related courses and trainings she has now started up her own tastings with focus on being friendly, quirky and educational.

Moa is available for freelance projects involving everything from tastings, social media and blog related content to training events and whisky reviews.

Get in touch at swedishwhiskygirl@gmail.com for more information or/and enquiries. 

For private whisky tastings in Edinburgh see more information below.

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- 4 drams

- Cocktail or soft drink on arrival.

- History, production & tutored tasting

- One grain whisky, one blend & two contrasting single malts (specific whiskys are subject to change each tasting)


Introduction to scotch whisky

This is the tasting for those who would like to learn more about scotch whisky. Where does it come from, how is it made and what affects the flavour?

Join me in discovering 4 whiskies that will showcase and explore how different and interesting scotch whisky can be.

All of my private tastings are of course created with you in mind, so I will adjust according to the group, be it beginners or long time enthusiasts and I'll be happy to answer any questions about whisky, Scotland or Edinburgh that you might have. 

There's no such thing as stupid questions, only stupid answers and I'll try my best to not provide any of those.


- 4 drams

- Cocktail or soft drink on arrival.

- History & tasting of whiskies from 3 different distilleries.

- Short language school of drinks related phrases that might be handy to know in Swedish


Swedish whiskies

Are you curious about whisky from Sweden? Maybe you didn't even know Sweden made whisky? 

Come along and I'll tell you about the 

history about Swedish whisky and how different and similar it can be to other whiskies. We will try drams from three different distilleries and explore their interesting flavour. 

I'll also talk about where the Swedish word for cheers "skål" comes from and teach you some Swedish phrases and words that match the whiskies which might be fun to know. 


- 4 drams

- Cocktail or soft drink on arrival.

- 4 homemade fika items paired with each of the drams

- History of fika, Swedish culture and tutored whisky pairing.



Fika - *fee-kah*

Fika is Swedish for a coffee break that’s more about socialising than drinking coffee. And something sweet is also welcome.

Welcome to my kind of fika, where each of our classic fika items are paired with a whisky! 

I'll tell you all about this Swedish phenomenon and the Swedish treats we will be enjoying and of course also about the whisky. 


- 4 drams

- Cocktail or soft drink on arrival.

- Scotch, Irish, Bourbon + whisky from another country.

Choice of Swedish, French, Belgian or Japanese as the fourth whisky. 

- History, differences & tutored tasting


International whiskies

Even though whisk(e)y might've originated in Ireland and Scotland, they're not the only two countries in the world that produce this delicious amber liquid. And each country will have their own quirks to their production, methods and culture. 

We will be exploring 4 different drams from four different countries and see what makes them both unique and yummy!

Still haven't found what you were looking for? 


Feel free to get in touch to discuss further options such as:

- Whisky & Chocolate Pairings

- Whisky & Cheese pairings

- International whisky tastings

- Learning about spirits: differences and similarities between cognac, rum, whisky and gin

- Akvavit tastings

- Gin tastings

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